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Nov 16, 2012 04:13 PM

ISO Restaurant for T'giving (DTW)

My husband and three year old are going to be in the Bloomfield Hills/Birmingham area over Thanksgiving. Looking for a restaurant that is not as sad as a coffee shop, but not crazy expensive, since it would drive me crazy to pay $60 each for the three year old to just fill up on bread and not touch her dinner.

Ruth's Chris in Troy seems to have a good menu and price point, but they're filled for that day.


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  1. Have you contacted the Rugby Grill at the Townsend Hotel? That might fit the bill.

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      Yes, Rugby Grille's Thanksgiving is about $75pp, but I certainly don't think they would charge a three year old! If $75pp is too expensive, you could take a big step down and go to Troy's McCormick & Schmick, or an even slightly bigger step down to Kruse & Muer. If you are desperate, you could do Moose Preserve or Camp Ticonderoga. If you have time to drive an extra twenty minutes, and who doesn't on Thanksgiving, then you could go to the adorable and attentive Holly Hotel.


      I don't know how Mitchell's in B'ham does turkey since they're a fish place, but they do a decent job with seafood and the price is right.

      I've had Mothers Day and Easter at this place not far from B'ham and it was pretty good. However, it's been some years and I can't say how Thanksgiving is, but they are pretty popular