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Help -- got a pigs head but it still has hair!

Hello, I just picked up a butchered half hog from a local small farm. I asked for the head thinking I would make headcheese or something. I got it home and it still has hair on it. What do you think I should do? Try to skin it? I don't think I can burn the hair off. Now I'm a bit concerned I'm in over my head...pun intended. Any help greatly appreciated. Oh and there is also a shot in the head from when they killed it.

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  1. You could try dipping it in a pot of scalding water and scraping the hair off with a dull knife.

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      That's the method my Dad & uncles used back in the day in Hawaii. Scald & scrape.

    2. do you want to use the skin? just dispose of the skin after you cook it.

      if it is just the fine hairs, you can shave it off.

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        It's the full hair, not little leftover bits which I could handle with a shaver.

      2. Scald the head and scrape it off with a sturdy knife.

        Scald it at 140 degrees for about five minutes, then scrape it.

        If you're not certain that it's ready to be scraped, just rub your thumb against the skin, and see if you can rub off the hair. If the hair comes off, it's ready to scrape, if not give it a few more minutes.

        1. Can't you use it for the table centerpiece for Christmas dinner, apple in mouth etc? The hair would be charming with a red bow. But the gunshot wound is a little off-putting.

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            The gunshot wound is going to be an issue with a pig with a head full of stubbled hair and a red bow?
            Sounds like a skit from SNL.

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              Maybe a candle holder? Try to use the gunshot wound to your best advantage.

          2. A shot in the head!
            This is some thanksgiving you're having.

              1. If I'm going to be serving the skin with the dish/meal - (damn jumpy mouse)..... I lean towards parboiling cuts with thick outer skin like the pork belly, then sitting down with a pair of tweezers to remove the offending hair follicles. There are many techniques - I hope you find one that works for you!

                  1. http://carolcookskeller.blogspot.com/...

                    this might be useful! She cuts up the whole thing. She shaves the ears with a leg razor :)

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                      Thanks adventuresinbaking, very helpful!

                    2. You got yourself a job! LOL I'd move the skin and toss it. Careful of getting any tiny tiny bone fragments in the head cheese. Personally I'd be 'big hearted' and give the dam thing away to whoever you got the pig from. "On second thought I'm not going to have time to do anything with this. If you know anyone who wants it here it is". LOL

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                        Believe me, that has occured to me too. :-)