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Nov 16, 2012 04:00 PM

low carb and reduced fat sauces

I tend to like well prepared food, served simply. Or in other words, plain. I'd like to explore some sauces that would work well for us. I must eat low carb and Mr. Sueatmo must eat reduced fat. The only thing I've been able to come up with is a little melted butter mixed with hot sauce, like a chipolte flavored hot sauce. I can't use a lot of butter, so often what I attempt to pour over our food is pretty skimpy.

Any ideas for a nice sauce to spoon over a piece of grilled meat or fish? Or to make steamed broccoli something special? I think I've tried lemon juice and butter which is only OK, probably because I don't use enough butter for the flavors to sparkle. At any rate, if any one has any tips or tricks, I'd like to hear them.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi Sueatmo!

    If you're not doing low-salt, you mix want to try a little olive oil (couple of tablespoons), good soy sauce (4 tablespoons), a dash of cayenne, some black pepper, Olive Oil, the juice of a half a lime (or a whole lime if it's tiny or not juicy) and some crushed garlic (if you like garlic) can sub in a teaspoon of sesame oil for a bit of the olive oil, or spoonful of teriyaki sauce for the soy.

    When I'm lazy or busy, I really like Goya Mojo Chipotle on meat, esp beef or pork. The ingredients aren't too bad carb or fat wise, and you can "cut" it with water or diluted lime juice.

    Edited to add: I like my broccoli pretty nekkid, but I have been known to shave parmesan over it.

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    1. I use a lot of pan drippings/fond with homemade stock added, reduce a little to concentrate flavors and frequently thickened by pureeing a small amount of whatever lower carb veg I've cooked that meal with it (my immersion blender is probably the most used kitchen gadget I own.)

      I use a lot of homemade stock- it's a lot of bang for your buck in both the flavor department and cost. You could defat the stock first. I replace the water/ liquid in a recipe or preparation whenever I can. Broccoli steamed with stock, lemon zest sprinkled on top, etc.

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        1. - chimichurri
          - lemony yogurt-tahini sauce
          - romesco
          - roasted garlic puree stirred into low fat Greek yogurt & seasoned with herbs & spices

          weezieduzzit is right about stock- a really flavorful one makes a great base. if you want to add a nice savory punch to sauces you can also blend in a little sun-dried tomato, porcini powder (or rehydrated wild mushroom) or anchovy paste.

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            Ooh, that reminds me of a sauce I thought I'd invented from pantry supplies that turns out to be traditional Italian. I used it over pasta then, but would put it on spaghetti squash or maybe roasted veggies now. It was olive oil, sauteed garlic and anchovies or anchovy paste with chopped flat leaf parsley and bread crumbs, which would work fine with toasted low carb bread.... pungent and rustic, so good. I like all of your suggestions.

          2. #1 -- Pesto

            #2 -- mash in mortar and pestle:
            fresh basil
            add as much/little as you like of
            acid (vinegars, citrus juice)

            #3 -- mix together
            fish sauce & water (equal amounts)
            lime juice
            minced garlic
            bit of sugar
            spicy (cayenne, red pepper flakes, or similar)
            some oil