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Nov 16, 2012 03:44 PM

Indian Delivery in Dupont

Last night I got a major craving for Indian food. I went to call my go to spot, Dalchinni, only to learn that their phone number and website had been shut off. Looks they are not in business anymore.

My back up would have been Heritage India, but they are also no longer in business.

So where do people in the Dupont area get Indian delivery from?

And no I don't want to go to Rasika West End. I love their food but I'm looking for something more affordable and will deliver to my apartment.

I tried calling Salt and Pepper tonight since a co-worker raved about them. I have no idea if they deliver to my area but they kept me on hold for about 12 minutes and I finally gave up. Anyone know if they'll deliver to Dupont?

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  1. You could try Himalayan Heritage. Went there once, and it was alright, the naan was really good though (but that would be ruined by delivery).

    1. I ended up ordering some delivery from Taj in Georgetown. It was fine, not amazing---not nearly as good as Dalchinni was. It will be ok if that's the best I can get but I'm still open to suggestions.

      1. Elyssa -- Mention of Himalayan Heritage made me think of Jyoti, also on 18th in Adams Morgan. It's been a standby delivery place for us for years. Worth a try, anyway, if they'll come to your place.

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          I didn't know Jyoti delivered. Good call. I use to eat there often when I lived in Adams Morgan.

          It's been 6+ years since I've been there though. What are some of your favorite dishes?

          1. re: Elyssa

            It's been a while since we ordered from there, and, honestly, I'm having trouble remembering if there's anything we've liked more than other things. I do really appreciate the condiments that come along, and I've liked all the breads just fine. I don't think the menu has changed in the six years.... Sorry not to be more helpful than that! It's not like it's a destination place, you know, but better than a lot of other delivery options around here.

            1. re: Elyssa

              We got delivery from Jyoti the night before TG. I got the tip from this thread - thanks!. We got sag paneer (hotter than that dish usually is) lamb vindaloo, lamb biriyani, chicken masala and naan. Rice and raita came on the side. All were good. I wasn't feeling well and had no appetite, but my friends really enjoyed it. It was the best Indian delivery I've had in this neighborhood for sure - but not a destination place, as mselectra noted.