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Nov 16, 2012 03:39 PM

Costco: rack of lamb 9.99/lb

Great price in Redwood City, CA...reduced for the holidays perhaps. Unfortunately, couldn't find any that weighed more than 1.4 lbs

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  1. Ceekskat, that is true lamb. I often buy racks at Trader Joe's that weigh only one pound or so. If you find a rack that weighs more than, oh, I don't know, 1 3/4 lbs, maybe 2 lbs, it is probably from an older animal. I think I recall reading that after a year, it isn't lamb, it is mutton. (Maybe there is a chowhound shepherd who can clarify.)

    As it happens, I was at a Cosco in Michigan today. I've never been inside one before. They were selling Australian loin lamb chops for seven bucks a pound. While I adore roasted rack of lamb, I am even fonder of loin chops. So, can anyone tell me if that is a staple at Costco? Seven bucks? If so, I might just go buy a big box membership.

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      they always have both the racks and chops at the stores in WA and I also always found them in CA

      1. re: brooktroutchaser

        A pound and a half for all 8 ribs sounds about right, correctly trimmed, and at $10/lb a bargain. $7 a pound for loin lamb chops is a steal.

        1. re: Veggo

          Costco also has boneless lamb legs for $4.99 per pound.

          1. re: treb

            The boneless legs are excellent on the grill or curried.

        2. re: brooktroutchaser

          My local Costco (Westbury, NY) always has chops for $7-8 per pound and racks, usually for $14.99 per pound. $9.99 is a steal indeed!

          1. re: brooktroutchaser

            Well, I did it. Dropped $55 for a membership at Costco. I am so not a fan of big box stores. But seven dollar a pound loin lamb chops won me over. Just picked up a package of eight two dollars a piece.

            1. re: brooktroutchaser

              I don't normally buy lamb but, my Mom adores it. As I was busy, instead of hitting Costco (where I usually get the lamb rack) I hit Trader Joe's.

              $22 for a small rack! (No chest jokes here, please.)

              Point being - Costco's lamb prices are incredibly better for lamb. It's worth it.

              Their prices in good cheese are also excellent (my go to place for pecorino) and, don't feel bad about it being a big box store - they pay their employees well and with great benefits. Not like some other discount stores...

              Happy shopping!

            2. re: brooktroutchaser

              Follow-up: I have several times purchased lamb loin chops, but they are typically 8 to 10 to a package. I think they lose flavor if frozen. Recently bought a .9 lb. rack for ten bucks, cut it into 8 lollipop rib chops, added olive oil and garlic and rosemary and grilled 'em. They took less than 3 minutes per side over charcoal on the kettle grill.