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Valrhona chocolate pearls

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Anybody knows where I can find Valrhona's chocolate crunchy pearls in big quantity (500gr)? Chocolats Privilège have them but in small boxes/bags only.

Callebaut Crispearls would do too...

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  1. Have you tried Distribution Aubut? You could download their PDF catalogue.


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    1. re: kpzoo

      Yes, just looked and they don't have it. They have some Valrhona chocolate though, which was not the case last year when I went!

      1. re: Glaff

        If you haven't already, I would call them. They had some a few weeks back.

        1. re: InterFoodie

          Oh ok, maybe their catalogue is not up to date. I'll go have a look this week, thanks!

    2. Hi Glaff,
      Euro Excellence imports and distributes Valrhona chocolates in Quebec. They are located in Candiac. Not sure if they are open to the public but if not will surely be able to lead you in the right direction. Here is their website: http://www.euro-excellence.org/

      Hope this helps.

      1. I didn't know Privilege has the Valrhona Pearls. Last time I tried them (years ago) they seemed to be the callebaut ones. I buy the Callebaut pearls at Aubut. Chocolat-chocolat sells the shimmery powder that can be used to color them. For Valrhona Pearls, I would ask Vrac du Marche (at the Atwater market, I think I have seen them there before). If they don't have and won't order pearls for you, I suggest looking at the Valrhona online shop:


        Edited: Just realized the above website does not ship to Canada even though their homepage says this is the US AND Canada site.

        It seems you can order them at Farinex (pick up at their location) or Lentia.

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        1. re: hala

          Actually it's only written Chocolate Pearls on the package so yeah it could be from Callebaut, but anyway, they just sell it in small boxes.

          Thanks for Vrac du Marché, I forgot about them. I'll try this week before Aubut. Better for me without a car.

          As for the website, I already tried, they do not ship to Canada.

          1. re: Glaff

            Aubut may also have the Valrhona pearls on special order and Vrac du Marche as weel (talk with Carl the owner, he could order them for you probably)

        2. Bump..

          I used to regularly order Valrhona chocolate (not the pearls though) from the Choco Direct website. They had a very good selection and reasonable prices. But they don't seem to sell retail anymore.

          Years ago I also used to buy it at Au Pain Dore on Peel St. but they no longer carry it. I found it once by accident at a Renaud-Bray store -- don't remember which one it was. Latina on St-Viateur also had a limited but acceptable selection.

          If anyone has seen Valrhona in shops somewhere kindly share.

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          1. re: HoundChow2

            What format are you looking for? Do you need it for baking?

            1. re: SnackHappy

              Hello SnackHappy,
              Yes, I should have specified that.. Not for baking.. I need the 32 or 52 square gift boxes which I give as presents throughout the year, and the 70 gand 250g bars for myself.

              1. re: HoundChow2

                You might try asking your friendly neighbourhood bakery to special order you a package when they make their next Farinex order. So long as you are OK with a 3 or 5 kilo package, you might get a much better price than if you buy from stores that repack into smaller quantities with hefty markups.

                1. re: eat2much

                  I will split the 5 kilo package with you!

                  1. re: marblebag

                    The last thing I need would be 6 pounds of chocolate pearls calling out to me from the pantry. I once bought a 5 kilo tub of Valrhona beans for baking only to find that my wife polished the whole thing off before I could use them. I'm under orders never to bring home that much temptation.

            2. re: HoundChow2

              oscar on plaza st.hubert has the valrhona chocolate bars but i don't know if that's what you're looking for. selection seems to be limited too