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Nov 16, 2012 02:02 PM

Where to buy cornbread in dc? (for a potluck)

Flying into dc for the holiday, and signed up to bring cornbread to family potluck. with no kitchen, naturally, looking for a place that might sell large portions that is reputable? or something similar that i could order in advance/pickup somewhere.

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  1. Check with Whole Foods. At the Foggy Bottom Whole Foods they always have them in smaller portions in the prepared food section. But I bet the bakery would sell you a large sheet of it. I would call to see what they can do. Their cornbread is really good.

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      thanks! will definitely look into that.

    2. harris teeter has a cornbread that they have in the deli "meal deal" section. it is a little sweet, but this southern girl loves it. it is like a corn pudding-cornbread cross. yummy!

      1. Stayed at the Quincy so Foggy Bottom Whole Foods was a convenient stop (though I wish we could've made it out to try out that harris teeter bread!). Definitely pleasantly surprised by the cornbread- actually took some home to eat on the plane. the craisin kind especially is a nice touch. Thanks guys!