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Nov 16, 2012 01:54 PM

Orange/curd tres leches cheesecake...any ideas?

I have those three flavors in my mind (not really flavors, but orange or orange curd, tres leches cake and cheesecake--like a creamsicle) and am thinking of putting them together for Thanksgiving. I don't like my tres leches dripping w/ tres leches so maybe doing the cheesecake in a pan w/ tres leches on top would work but I'd love to do something creative. Any ideas?

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  1. I don't have a recipe idea per se, but I have had basically the exact thing you're describing. Geronimo Restaurant in Santa Fe, NM serves what they call a "Creamsicle Cake" - it's very moist and soaked in liquid like tres leches, with creamy filling between the layers and orange gelee on top. If I were to try to create a dessert like that, that's what I'd do - make thin layers of cake and brush on the tres leches (using less than you'd use for a regular tres leches cake), then smooth on a layer of a no-cook cheesecake filling, then some orange curd, and repeat until I had a cake!

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      I was thinking of something like that but didn't know how to get around the cheesecake baking. What no cook cheesecake filling did you use? I want something more than the cream cheese, powdered sugar one.

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        I haven't actually tried to recreate it yet, although I probably will at some point since my husband loved it so much. For the cheesecake filling I might try a combination of cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk, or perhaps use a pastry cream with cream cheese added.

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          Pastry cream would be great. What I'm thinking of now is veering close to a Tres Leches Boston Cream pie!

    2. With biodanonima's idea, I thought of this two layer key lime pie. What if I do this, only w/ orange and not key lime. In between the baked layer and cream cheese layer, I could do a layer of tres leches. Would that be overkill?

      Maybe to simplify, I could use a genoise on the bottom later, bake, top w/ key lime layer (orange) in a springform pan. Remove sides to let tres leches soak into cake overnight. Then top w/ cream cheese layer? Finish with orange gelee.

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        You could also bake a crust-less cheesecake and use that to fill the cake. I have done that before with brownies and cookies too. People love it.

        Yes, do the cake, then soak, then curd, then cheesecake, then cake, then soak, then ice. :)

        1. re: AnnieWilliams

          That's one idea I'm thinking, too. How do you use it to fill brownies and cookies? Do you do it after baking, like a cookie/brownie-wich? That sounds good.