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Nov 16, 2012 01:47 PM

crock pot, skillet combo, replacing the pot with my LeCreuset. Thoughts?

So I got this West Bend Crock Pot at a thrift store. I have been liking the concept of this type of crock pot and reading mostly positive reviews on Amazon. I was really interested in the oblong one., but I found this one so cheap I thought it would give me a chance to determine if this concept would work for me... I work late and have reinstated my heavy round glass crock, which I have left on low all day to find a wonderful meal waiting for me 10 hours later!. I was eye balling this type as I can brown the meat, refrigerate and toss on the skillet/ hotplate before I mad dash out the door in the AM. But this being like a hot plate I have reservations on leaving it alone all day. (hence the stoneware underneath in the image) Once I got the "new" pot home I washed the vessel and realized it was about the same diameter as my favorite LeCreuset pot. I placed it on the hotplate and it fits perfectly!! I attached a photo... YES!! there is already stew in the LeCreuset! I am trying it out right now (I am home with it to monitor performance) I think this could be the best crock pot EVER with this combo. Does anyone have any thoughts or have any of you tried this? Should I know about any warnings (other than leaving an unattended electrical heating appliance plugged in all day....) Thanks in advance~~(I will let you know how it turns out!)

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