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Nov 16, 2012 12:25 PM

Good takeout near trinity bellwoods??

Where is good takeout around trinity bellwoods or king and bathurst? Any good suggestions?

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  1. I like The One That Got Away which is at King and Bathrust. South side just east of Bathrust. I believe you can also get takeout from Fresh at Queen and Crawford.

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      county general, or go to ossington and take your pick.

        1. re: szw

          County also delivers lunch during the week.

      1. For greasy spoon fare, there's UFO! It's on Niagara and Adelaide. Here's a blog post where I first learned of this modest hidden gem:

        1. Since you didn't specify cuisine, my suggestions will be based on the take-out experience (ie. packaging, efficiency, and of course taste).
          -Oyster Boy - you can get pre-shucked oyster with condiments!
          -Libretto - always friendly and fast (if you call ahead)
          -Delux - Cuban Sandwich + Milk & Cookie, always fast and friendly.
          -Alex Rei dos Leitoes - great 1/2 chicken dinner, phenomenal price, lightening speed.
          -Feel Good Guru - slow service, good feel good vegan food, but you can bring in your own container, which for me, is always the best way to do carry out on my bike.
          -County General's burger is always good, but like all fries, they don't travel well.
          -Fresh - over-priced salads, but a safe bet.
          -Clafouti's - Great croissant sandwiches.

          I found all of the above to do a superb job in packaging (so that nothing leaks) and taking pick up orders over the phone.

          1. Nadege also has some pretty decent sandwiches.