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Life span of capers in brine in refrigerator?

Hi- Keep or ditch- Large jar of half used Capers in brine from Costco- smells ok- been in refrigerator at least 6 months.

THANKS for your input.

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    1. In my experience, these things last forever.

      1. StillTasty.com says one year. See link for more info


        1. Thanks to all of you for your quick responses! and thanks for that great link, Maxie, I have it bookmarked already and am sending it out to my friends and family.

          1. I don't keep them in the fridge - and last for many months in the cupboard (presumably they would last for much longer, but we use up the jar before there's any sign of a problem. The brine obviously preserves them, which is why I find there's no need to fridge.

            1. I've never had any around long enough! I use them so often. But as everyone else says, I would agree that they certainly should last for ages and ages.

              1. Another vote for FOREVER.

                1. They'll go bad in about the same amount of time that miso goes bad.

                  1. My personal experience is that they last WELL over a year, so long as they are put back in the fridge after using. Just for curiosity's sake, I just discovered a jar of the Costco artichoke hearts in the way back of the fridge too - and they were still fine after at least 3 months!

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                      If they were the marinated ones (which I LOVE), they last forever too.

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                        i think sometimes people forget that brining was invented as a preservation method looooooong before refrigeration existed. and in very hot climates to boot.

                      2. Echoing the forever timeframe. I've got the same big jar. Periodically I remember it is there and use a tablespoon full or two. Always tastes the same.