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Nov 16, 2012 11:58 AM

Life span of capers in brine in refrigerator?

Hi- Keep or ditch- Large jar of half used Capers in brine from Costco- smells ok- been in refrigerator at least 6 months.

THANKS for your input.

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    1. In my experience, these things last forever.

      1. says one year. See link for more info

        1. Thanks to all of you for your quick responses! and thanks for that great link, Maxie, I have it bookmarked already and am sending it out to my friends and family.

          1. I don't keep them in the fridge - and last for many months in the cupboard (presumably they would last for much longer, but we use up the jar before there's any sign of a problem. The brine obviously preserves them, which is why I find there's no need to fridge.