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Nov 16, 2012 11:56 AM

treacle in denver?


Does anyone know of a place in the Denver area (preferably NW Denver) that sells treacle?


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  1. Nora the only place I know is the English tea cup in aurora on haven and jewel it a lovely place but a bit pricey I buy mine on line sometimes I get it cheaper there ...I will be making Parkin this weekend can't wait !!! Hope this helps

    1. This might be a good place to look- Bayleaf on Pearl, near the Wells Fargo/across from Peppercorn in Boulder has a back room with a LOT of Brit products. All kinds of things like Spotted Dick, etc. Might call them and see.

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        I can confirm that Bayleaf in Boulder on the Pearl Street Mall does have treacle (by Heinz) right next to the cans of spotted dick.