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Nov 16, 2012 11:51 AM

DeLorenzo's - Hamilton: BYO??

Hey there.

Just a quick question, and I can't get confirmation on "the google." Is the DeLorenzo's Hamilton Ave. location BYOB?


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  1. yes, as is Delorenzo's in Robbinsville.

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    1. DeLorenzo's in Robbinsville is NOT related to the DeLorenzo's on Hamilton. The DeLorenzo's in Robbinsville is the descendant of the Hudson St. DeLorenzo's, which closed about a year ago. Chick and Sophie opened the Hudson St. restaurant in 1947. It was later run by Eileen Amico (Chick's daughter) and her husband Gary, and later by grandson Sam Amico, who opened Robbinsville. The Hamilton Ave location was opened by Joe DeLorenzo, son of Pasquale and Maria.

      This is important because Hudson St./Robbinsville are legendary and because although many people love and even prefer Hamilton St., you want to send them to the correct place. So when you as "as is DeLorenzo's in Robbinsville" you are talking about two unrelated places.

      That they are both BYOB is just happenstance.

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        JV, I was speaking about both places being BYO. I could care less about the family history which is well known to most people.

        1. re: tom246

          Yes, Tom, but other people DO read Chowhound, you know! And actually, it is knot well known to most people. People are always asking if the two are the same, more so when Hudson St. was still open, but even now.

        2. re: Just Visiting

          And JoJo's and Papa's are better than both of them!

          1. re: TomDel

            FYI .. Pretty soon you will be talking about DeLorenzos Robbinsville and Delorenzo's Hamilton, NJ (not Hamilton Ave). The Hamilton Ave location announced they were moving to Hamilton NJ next year.


            1. re: cwdonald

              Duhah! See the post above this one that started the conversation.

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                And the only thing I do not know is if they will still be BYO at their new location. I assume so, though obviously it is possible they may acquire a liquor license, though it will not come from the location they are moving to which was a Bob Evans.

        3.'s bring your own booze and grated is outstanding but it rubs me the wrong way that they don't have grated cheese available. They feel that their pizza is so outstanding that parmesan would ruin it, so they don't serve bring your own grated cheese if you normally eat your pizza with it like 99 percent of the pizza eating public do.