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Nov 16, 2012 11:30 AM

Would you freeze this uncooked or bake and freeze?

What do you all think about freezing this recipe?

I make this for T-day every year but usually make it the day before, bake, stick in fridge and then reheat the day off with the great results.

However this year I am working M/T/W so would like to make it this weekend. Do you think it will freeze well and if so do I bake first or after freezing?

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  1. What if you prepped some of the more involved components, and assembled it Wednesday night?

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    1. re: sr44

      I was hoping to get other stuff done on Weds night-set the table, polish the silver and make the apple tart.

      Usually I take Weds off and whenever possible take both Tuesday and Wednesday. Now that I am an "hourly" employee I really can't afford to skip few days pay but boy is it crimping style!

    2. i would bake and freeze. dishes like this often taste better after the ingredients mingle a little bit.

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      1. re: hotoynoodle

        I agree which is why I like to make it the day before. I was just worried about the butternut squash b├ęchamel getting funny. Since it is made with milk the fat content is lot less and might separate. I wasn't sure if baking first or after would avoid that.

      2. I freeze Moussaka all the time. The texture of the bechamel does change a bit but not enough to make me care. I've never tried freezing it uncooked. So, I don't know if that would affect the bechamel or not.