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Nov 16, 2012 11:11 AM

1601 Bar & Kitchen - SF Sri Lankan

Inside Scoop reports SF will finally get a Sri Lankan place.

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  1. excellent news. was not overly impressed with kadupul in san ramon.

    1. hell yes but no word on when it's opening and the website hasn't any info yet.

      1. Any updates on this place? Has anyone been yet?

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        1. re: Dave MP

          It looks good (delicious, actually), but it's not Sri Lankan. It describes itself as "Seasonally driven modern French cuisine with subtle Sri Lankan influences."

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            The hopper sounds wonderful! May have to try and fit this in for our upcoming trip -- I'll call and see if they take resos. If only they were open Monday night...

        2. went here the other night. highly recommend.

          as others have mentioned, this is more sri lankan-influenced california cuisine, than it is sri lankan cuisine (still hoping for a good sri lankan restaurant to open in the bay area so i don't have to depend on my yearly trip to sigiri in NYC to get that, kadupul doesn't do it for me).

          the uses of spices are excellent, as are the quality of ingredients. we got the lamb and pork meatbals, the sturgeon, potatoes, and the hopper. only thing i didnt' like was the potatoes, everything else was delicious, although i thought $9 was a bit much for the hopper, given that it's just a crepe with an egg and two sauces/spreads. same with the potatoes, as it was about 7 or 8 small cubes for $7.

          am hoping they move to a more traditional format, rather than the current format where everything builds up in price and portion. that being said, while the "entrees" appear a bit small, they certainly are filling.

          was about half full when i went early last thursday evening, hope they can d owell in this oft-neglected neighborhood. great interior. awful name (seriously, it sounds like a sports bar or something).

          beer and wine only, but they have a limited yet creative "cocktail" list.

          1. We went the other night. Found the food pretty, precious, and under spiced.

            We had halibut ceviche, pickles, the hopper with egg, and meatballs. All competent, but wouldn't have guessed South Asian.

            Spent $80+ for two and left hungry.