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Nov 16, 2012 11:12 AM

December 2012 Openings and Closings

Despite having a large Puerto Rican community of long standing, the South End had no Puerto Rican restaurants for ages until Vejigantes opened a few months ago.

Per Grub Street, we're getting a second one on December 1, called Mana Escondido Cafe, at 68 Aguadilla St (Grub Street got the address wrong). This means it's going into the old Miami Cafe space, the much-missed Dominican place that closed a few years back. It's also doing breakfast!

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  1. Nice! I can't wait for that.

    1. When God closes a Puerto Rican restaurant, somewhere he opens another.

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      1. re: FinnFPM

        I hadn't thought about that. RIP, Cafe Latino. *sniff*.

      2. Sycamore in Newton Center should be opening soon, I have heard from someone who was hired there. This was reported back in June. The owner is David Punch, of Ten Tables.

        1. Only a rumor just now, but I heard that at some point after Cinquecento (which opens later this week) gets up and firing on all cylinders, the Aquitaine Group will start thinking about a date to spin down Union Bar & Grille on Washington Street and reopen it with a new look, concept, and name.

          1. There was an infomercial in a local Brazilian newspaper for a new restaurant "Head of Bull" in Revere near where Route 60, 1A, and Beach Street meet (a plaza with Autozone and the RMV I believe). They are suggesting an early December opening with a menu of a la carte fare, churrasco, and desserts "putting a Brazilian face on Mediterranean, Italian, Portuguese, and American fare" (paraphrased). Not to leave anything at all out, they are going to have the "most famous and traditional french desserts"... and are even talking about crocodile, venison, and boar as future directions for the menu. I am just reporting what was written, so cannot vouch for content (I toned down the hyperbole) or whether it will open on time, but it said they have something akin to a soft opening for journalists so I guess the paper's readership will hear more soon.