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Mon Ami Gabi 11-5-12 review

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We must have caught them on a bad day. It's been a while since I've been there so I don't have any recent experiences to compare this meal to. I took my Mom there for lunch. We had reservations and were seated quickly. Our table faced the strip with a nice view but the curtains had clumps of loose strings hanging off the seams. Hardly a deal breaker but also pretty shabby and hard to miss. Drink orders came quick along with a nice warm baguette and butter. Iced tea was good but very cloudy. We both ordered onion soup. She had the quiche lorraine and I tried to have a steak sandwich. The soups were delicious, lots of melted cheese and decent amount of onion. We both liked them very much. Right after we got our soups, the rest of our food arrived. I told them we were still eating the soup and the food runner asked us if 5 minutes would be ok to return. I said sure and and that I hoped they'd still be hot. We finished our soup and after a few min our food arrived. Mom loved her quiche. I tried it and it was very good. The steak sandwich was not good. The first bite was like leather and the meat was sliced way too thick. On the second bite, the bun pulled apart as I tried to bite thru the meat. I sent it back. Very polite apologies all around. The second sandwich came quickly along with more gracious apologies. Our waiter, who was very nice and professional the entire time, waited for me to take a bite. After a bite he asked me how it was and I told him that the first bite was pretty bad. Second bite confirmed it, the meat was too tough to bite through, pulled out of the bun trying to bite through it. I told him it was just as bad and that I was done, just to bring me the check and I'd cut my losses. Again more gracious apologies from him and a manager. The manager asked if there was anything else I'd like and offered us free deserts. I said no, helped Mom finish her quiche, paid the $35 and left. Our waiter and the manager were very nice and the room is pretty and the menu has plenty of tasty looking items but I'm not going to rush back.

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  1. I just love the outdoor Patio area for any meal where you can watch the fountains across the Strip, and enjoy their House Pinot Noir "Domaine de Valmoissine Louis Latour". Excellent and courteous service, too.