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Nov 16, 2012 10:16 AM

spiral cut ham

I bought a spiral cut ham this morning that was refrigerated but not frozen. Since I am not using it until Thanksgiving, do I need to freeze it, or will it be okay in the refrigerator for six days?

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Spiral cut hams are never ok; however, if you eat it by gently reheating after a week or more in your fridge, it won't hurt anything but your tastebuds.

    1. There are more than enough nitrates and salt to keep this until Thanksgiving (or xmas <VBG>)
      The reason pork was preserved with salt was to keep it safe to eat before refrigeration.

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      1. re: bagelman01

        wow, not quite liking the spiral cut ham, huh, lol? What should I have gotten instead?

        1. re: sweetpotato

          I love a honey baked spiral cut ham. 6 days in the fridge is fine, be sure not to let it dry out.

          1. re: sweetpotato

            I think you are misreading my reply or meant to reply to MGZ. I did not post a negative comment about spiral cut ham, but merely commented on the preservatives in the ham that will allow you to keep it in the refrigerator until the holiday, Thnksgiving or Xmas.

        2. We always get a Costco spiral sliced ham after the holidays, when they lower the price to 97ยข/lb. Costco needs the shelf space and the ham is perfectly fine when we eat it in February or March.

          That ham includes a spiced glaze packet that you are supposed to add water to and then brush onto the exterior of the ham. I add orange juice and brush the exterior as well as lifting up some of the slices to get the glaze on the inner part of the slices.

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          1. re: Cathy

            I just got a Smithfield at $1.29 and haven't seen cheaper recently. Don't get your hopes up.

            1. re: coll

              I said *after* the holidays.

              1. re: Cathy

                I'll let you know what I see here in early January, but the price of pork has been sky high all year, and slaughter season is still a couple of months away. I'm trying to let go of my past experiences with the price of meat in general, but wishing you luck! I have a feeling that $1.29 is a loss leader price.

          2. A Honey Baked brand spiral sliced ham is a wonderful thing indeed. No doubt the quality varies from brand to brand.

            In answer to your question, I would not worry about keeping in the refrigerator for a week assuming it is well wrapped. On the other hand, it will freeze well also.

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            1. re: kengk

              We used to go to some friends' Christmas party every year where there was always a Honey Baked ham on the table. The woman knew my "thing" about ham bones, and had no interest in monkeying with it herself, so at the end of the evening she'd cut off what meat she wanted and wrapped up the rest for me. I thought the ham was okay, not spectacular, but those bones were incredible bean-soup fodder.

            2. One way to look at it is: if you didn't buy it and bring it home this morning, it would still be in the store's refrigerator until Thanksgiving for you to buy "fresh" that day.

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