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Nov 16, 2012 09:57 AM

Frozen Ginger - less flavorful?

I use ginger about once a week, but I usually pick up the large roots from HMart and so they last a while. I read somewhere that it's pretty convenient to freeze ginger. I wrap it in plastic warp and foil. It's great in that it's easier to grate on the microplane, however it seems to have a less pungent ginger flavor. Not an off flavor, as if it picked up flavors from the freezer, but rather less gingery. Is this a sign that the ginger itself is going bad or does this happen with freezing of ginger?

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  1. I too keep reading that ginger freezes well, but that is not my experience. I find both the texture and flavor deteriorates. I have tried freezing whole, peeled, minced, and grated. No love here.

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    1. It's not ideal but for ease in prep I coarsely process both ginger, and garlic and store it in glass Corningware in my fridge. I cover it with plastic wrap before snapping on the lid. It keeps fairly well for up to 2 weeks!