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Nov 16, 2012 09:47 AM

Full House (Cambie/19) now an empty house

...... as in closed, finito, zai jian. The facade has been reno'd to cedar-lined, a la, well, many of the newer non-Asian establishments in town. So my guess is this next iteration won't be Asian (although I was wrong when Wimaan closed and came back as Kaya Malay Bistro despite what I thought it'd be based on the new facade ..... guess you can't pre-judge a new restaurant by its facade). Having said that I don't miss Full House, which tried to be a trifecta of Canto/Northern/Szechuan one-stop shop and excelled at neither, and without the value nor memorable service.

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  1. I heard a "wild" rumor that East Is East is moving in. But given their big presence on Main St. I find that rather unlikely.

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      Just saw the signage this afternoon - welcome Soho Tea Salon to the neighbourhood.

        1. re: Quattrociocchi

          The new SoHo is really the folks who were FLO Tea Room in Marpole:

          Same staff that I recognize. Official opening is this Thursday. Last week my folks and I checked them out for preview. Menu and prices are more or less same as their Granville digs from my memory, but a bit simplified with fewer dishes.

          We had:
          - potstickers (could have spent another 1-2 mins on the flat-top) but fillings ok;
          - wide rice noodles with braised beef briskets and fish balls in tomato & pork bone broth (milky broth really hit the spot on a very cold/wet night);
          - baked seafood rice (generally ok but short on white bechamel sauce and cheese);
          - twice-cooked pork (what's a Szechaun dish doing here ?!?) which wasn't bad at all;

          Interior and ambiance is nice ..... modern chic, austere and even "cozy warm" from all the wood paneling without being over-modern and clinical.