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Nov 16, 2012 09:41 AM

Cookie dough, chips were lost but now they're found

Made a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough recently, but when I went to add the chips found that I was out. So I rolled into a log and froze it. Now that I have chips, how best to incorporated them?

Thaw the dough, cut off bits, roll into a ball, and press onto chips spread on a tray?
Roll the dough into a sheet, sprinkle the chips over, roll up like a jelly roll, and slice?

I don't know that I could get it thawed enough to get it back to the original soft stage to just stir them in.
And I hate to microwave or warm in the oven.

Your thoughts appreciated.

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  1. Are you set on chocolate chip cookies or could you just use it as a sugar cookie dough batter?

    1. To save time I very seldom make separate chocolate chip cookies---I omit the chips and put the dough in a brownie pan then pour the chips over the top and put this in the oven for 4-5 minutes just to melt the chips. Then take a table knife and run it through the dough a few times to marbleize the chocolate through the dough. Bake and cut in squares like brownies.

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      1. re: Querencia

        That sounds really good! If OP doesn't want to go the square route, I'd thaw the dough, roll into balls and use that opportunity to smush in a few chips to each ball.

      2. Thanks, everyone. I see how soft it is when thawed and might try the pan route. Alternatively, I'll do the smush method.

        1. Why couldn't you let it thaw & get really soft & put it back in the mixer with the chips & mix until incorporated, then chill before you make the cookies?

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          1. re: jcattles

            I just don't think it would get back to as soft as it was the first time, and I really don'y want to try to get there by putting it in a warm oven or the micro. But, you know, I may try a small piece in the micro just as a test. Thanks for your reply.

          2. I would slice it quite thin then sandwich chips between 2 slices, press together and press a few extra chips on top.

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            1. re: cheesymama

              Your idea made me think that I could make little balls and flatten them in my tortilla press, put some chips inside, and fold over to make a half moon. I think I'm going to try that. Thanks for the inspiration!

              1. re: nemo

                Wow let us know how the tortilla press goes. I can't imagine that working so it would be interesting.

                Chip-less chocolate chip cookies are actually quite good. I picked up a bag at Wegman's one day and I like them better without the chocolate (but then I am not much of a chocolate person).