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Nov 16, 2012 09:13 AM

christmas party appetizer, wanting to do mini ham & gruyere sandwiches

Just wondering how to do it.. I am thinking spiral ham in crock pot, buns and rolls and then somehow I need to get a cheese spread (gruyere maybe?) in a non-heated side container.. I will also have butter for the people who just like butter ham and bread. Any ideas? How can I make it festive and not lame?

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  1. I have no idea how this is, but I just saw this on food network last week, on Sunny Anderson's new show..

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      since this is at someone else's home I won't have access to a stove but I may use the recipe to make the cheese spread.

    2. Well, this isn't a sandwich, but they are festive and can be made ahead, frozen, and baked at the last minute--Miniature Ham/Gruyere Turnovers.

      I made about 100 of these for a big party last month, and they were a decided hit. I cut (store-bought) puff pastry sheets into squares, dabbed each square w/dijon mustard, top that with a little ham, and piled a bit of gruyere (from a mountain of FP-shredded, painted the pastry edges with water, and folded over to make triangles, crimped the edges, and froze until party day, when I transferred them to cookie sheets and baked at 375 until golden.

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        mmm sounds great, and dijon could add a nice twist.

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          Oh my goodness I know what I am having Christmas Dinner for an appetizer. Sounds wonderful.

        2. is there such a thing as cheesy pulled ham sandwiches?? Maybe it would be easier to have cheese and ham together as a sandwich filling.... just thinking about another 1 pot option.

          1. If you want to make a gruyere cheese spread, try fromage fort:

            You can make it with any type of cheese(s), but gruyere would be fabulous, and 1000x better than anything you can buy in a supermarket.