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Nov 16, 2012 08:45 AM

Dense, Fudgy Chocolate Cake

So I finally found a recipe for the perfect moist chocolate cake recipe to use for cupcakes but I'm still on the lookout for that dense, fudgy chocolate cake to make from scratch.

Any recs?

Please and thanks :)

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  1. one of my favorite cakes from my childhood was my mother's chocolate cake which included mayonaisse as an ingredient. it makes SUCH a lovely moist cake

    1. I just made a couple of chocolate cakes that seem to fit that description. I had a client that wanted a "flourless chocolate cake" who did not have an actual gluten allergy, but wanted that dense, fudgey texture. As this was to be served room temp, I suggested and made a Chez Panisse recipe, that has 6 T of flour in a 9" cake. It's super easy to throw together and definitely stays moist and fudgey.

      It may be available on-line...Lindsey Chocolate Cake, or it may be on David Lebovitz's website. I'd be happy to post the recipe too. It's the usual 66-70% chocolate, eggs, sugar, butter, cake flour.
      ETA: Found the recipe online. I use 9 oz of a good quality 66% chocolate (Valrhona caraibe, or whatever bittersweet chocolate you like). You don't have to use a combo of BS and unsweetened if you don't have both. Also, don't take your egg whites all the way to soft peak. You want to see them drizzle back into the bowk when whisking, but then you want the shape to disappear back into the beaten whites. If you take them all the way to soft peak, you will get a flaky, separated top layer. Not bad, but not as nice for presentation.