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Nov 16, 2012 08:26 AM

Terroni.... Terrible

So disappointed. Last night I finally went to Terroni's

It was the Yonge and Price St location, Rosedale. Which is a 20 minute drive so we went there as a result of hearing great things about it. The atmosphere and decor - wonderful. Albeit quite huge which maybe part of the problem. There was nothing Italian about their pizza. I am furious we didn't sent them back, in retrospect. But all 4 of us had terrible, dry, flavourless pizza so we assumed that's just how they serve it. I love Pizza, good pizza that is and so I am always traversing the city open to try every place that allegedly serves up decent pizza. Since moving back from Europe have spent the past 2 1/2 years in Toronto sampling my favourite food. Hands down, QMP is the best. Their crust, sauce, cheese, even the chili oil they serve - all top quality and they put so much pride in what they put in front of you. I do also like Libretto for the service and atmosphere and good pizza. But QMP takes the cake.. every time i try somewhere else i wonder why do we bother??

Last night was an assembly line or poor service and the cost... 4 ppl, 2 btls of mediocre wine, 4 side salads, 4 pizza's.... $340.00... ???!!!!!! I have had better freezer pizza for all of $4.00. Definitely will not ever go back. None of us will.

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  1. $340? How is that possible? What did they do, charge $100 per bottle of wine?

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      OMG, when your go to Terroni, it's not a restaurant, but their church with a strict food religion that you must accept or clearly leave. Don't ask for anything extra, whether it be limes for your drink (oh yes, they don't have limes, but are "looking into" that) or balsamic as a side....NO! Interesting that the newbie condescending bartender needed to inform us that "balsamic is more expensive than gold on the market". Wow, really? Though they offer it with other items on the menu, they refuse you to have it with their Caprese salad. AND, don't ask for a sample tasting of beer because they are "cracking down" on "overs".'s a beer tap. Sanctimonious, condescending, blithering BS is what Terroni is best known for, not their food or service - clearly the WORST IN THE CITY.

      Oh, and by the way, don't complain because they will just ask you to leave. Honestly, don't waste your time.

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        You said it better than I ever could! I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said!

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            have to agree with that as well - heaven forbid you'd like a little parmesan cheese for your kids' pasta, some extra chiles, or perhaps would like to leave or add something for your pizza --- the chef there will not let it happen...pretty much why i never go anymore, better places for less money and bs

        1. By they way, I've never liked Terroni. Way too pretentious and wait staff is rude! I'll stick with Libretto! Not sure who they think they are!

          1. $18.95 is the most expensive pizza there. $14.95 is the most expensive salad. In your other thread, you mentioned a bottle of wine was $45 (so x2). = $225.6. (assuming everyone at the exact same thing) Even with a a 20% tip, that should be only about $300 (including regular taxes, I did not math the alcohol tax)... you should look at your receipt and see where that all went wrong. Or you gave them a 38% tip! Or your wine was more than $45 a bottle.

            I'm not defending Terroni here (I have liked them in the past, but never been to this particular location), but the math seems really off. Basically, minus alcohol but incl tax and a 20% tip, you should have paid at most, $45pp.

            Which is a lot for bad pizza, but nonetheless.

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            1. re: jlunar

              Now $45 pp @ Terroni seems quite reasonable!

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. I have always thought Terroni was okay. Not mind-blowing, but consistently good pizza.

                The reason I am not running back is as follows. My daughter had a birthday lunch there last month - about 7 girls for lunch. When I came in to pay for their meal, the server told me that "PART of the gratuity" had been added to the bill and I asked how much and she said 15%. I fully expected that either 15% or 18% would be added for a group this size, but for her to say that "PART of the gratuity" had been added, then I calculated it was actually 18% before tax, I didn't leave any extra. I thought it was obnoxious. I probably would have left more had she told me straight up what percentage they added. What do you think?

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                1. re: elasticwaistband

                  I totally agree with you. I too would expect a gratuity to be added if I was with a large group, but she should have been forthright about the amount of the gratuity, and NOT made the remark about it only being "part" of the gratuity. I've always thought the staff there was rude!