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Nov 16, 2012 08:12 AM

Grande Prairie, AB- Is there great food here?

A year ago, I loved from Calgary to Grande Prairie and I haven't found many great food spots here that aren't a chain restaurant or fast food.
There are 2 places that stand out as great here though: El Norteno for tacos at the Farmer's Market and Hong Fah for Thai.
Can anyone lead me towards some hidden awesomeness that I have missed here, or should I just suppress my foodie urge for trips to Calgary or Edmonton?

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  1. When I went up to Grande Prairie for work trip a little while ago I did an internet search and the two places that I came up with were the ones that you already named. I only made it to El Norteno, and it was wonderful!

    Have you tried looking at some of the other rating sites? I noticed a couple of Italian places that had decent customer reviews.