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Nov 16, 2012 07:47 AM

best olive oil for pie crust?

I've read several pie crust recipes that use olive oil instead of butter/shortening. I would like to try using olive oil in a pie crust but don't know which brand or type of oil would be best. I'm looking for something with a mild, buttery flavor, not spicy or herb-y. I would like to make either pumpkin pie or apple pie using this crust. I've had success making oil crusts with canola oil, but would like to try something different. Any suggestions? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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  1. I wouldn't use extra virgin. Just regular olive oil.

    Also, partially freeze your olive oil before using. It helps make the crust more flaky.

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      Any particular brand? Thanks for the freezing tip. Much appreciated!

    2. I wouldn't even go regular olive oil. Go "Light". Or just go with Earth Balance.