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Nov 16, 2012 06:21 AM

Winter Brunch? Philly, Bucks or Montgomery?

Looking for some place new to have brunch with friends to get together the next month or so. What's good now? Looking for something cozy, extraordinary with good breakfast options and perhaps by a fire Been to the William Penn Inn and Brick Hotel. Both were ok. Maybe in Peddlers Village, Chestnut Hill, Manayunk, Center City or Ambler? And maybe no buffet? I think the buffets are usually disappointing. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. If you are thinking bucks, I would avoid Peddler's and look either to Doylestown (Waterwheel Inn, buffet but does have a fire place, or perhaps Slate Bleu in the old Agworks in Doylestown.) or up the Delaware.

    You might enjoy the brunch at the Black Bass, (caveat do not know the status of river road after Sandy.. ). Golden Pheasant has recently remodeled and offers a prix fixe brunch. I have not been there since the remodeling.

    In Peddler's Village Earl's offers an a la carte brunch. I am not a fan of the restaurant and it is the least atmosphere in my opinion of all the establishments at Peddler's Village.

    1. The Stockton Inn had been a favorite during all seasons for those traveling to a country venue. My experiences in the last few years have ranged from very good to just alright. The brunch is not a buffet. In the same area in Bucks toward Yardley along the Delaware is the Washington Crossing Inn. We have always had good quality menu choices there. I am unsure of the brunch but I do not believe it is a buffet.

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        Bacchus I wholeheartedly second your recommendations. Washington's Crossing Inn brunch is nice though it is in fact a buffet.

        I have not eaten at the Stockton Inn for a couple of years, and I know it has changed hands but I have only heard great things about the food there. I have had drinks in the bar after dining at Via Ponte.