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Nov 16, 2012 06:03 AM

Parker House Rolls: John Dory

John Dory in NYC makes the best Parker House style rolls I've ever had. Crusty on top, insanely buttery. Can't find a recipe anywhere. It's not the same as a generic roll. Anyone have the recipe or a reasonable approximation?

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  1. ? "not the same as a generic roll" ? or Parker House roll ? how so ?
    Your description reads like a true "Parker House Roll" to me.

    1. There is a Parker House Roll recipe in this months Bon Appetite magazine. It is adapted from Farnnie Farmer baking cookbook. I am bravely going to try to make these. I'm not confident in my baking abilities. The good thing is that the grocery stores are open on Thanksgiving (back up plan). Happy Thanksgiving!

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        I saw that recipe too, and it looked so good that I am considering adding it this year.