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Nov 16, 2012 06:03 AM

GF Scots/Irish Shortbread biscuits (cookies)

I have been making a Gluten Free shortbread recipe that is simple and tasty.
8oz butter/8 oz gf bread flour/ 2oz sugar/ 1/2 teaspoon salt
cream butter and sugar, mix in flour and salt, roll out and bake.

I'm wondering if I can make it healthier (its super tasty but not really good for me).

If you make gluten free shortbread (or even normal shortbread) Whats the best ratio of flour/butter/sugar you use? I'd like to lower the sugar or flour, but I dont want them to become too crumbly.

Or have you made shortbread with a gluten free flour? Which did you use and how was it?

I'm thinking almond could be good. I have rice flour but I think that wont really be any healther for me (high gi). buckwheat might make them too heavy.

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  1. My understanding is that rice is gluten free. If that understanding is correct, then rice flour should be OK for you unless you need to watch your carbs. Almond flour and/or ground golden flaxseed can be subbed for flour, partially or totally. You will have to experiment to find the ratios you like, and the amount of flour you can tolerate. Once you get your recipe down pat, please share!

    Here is a link to a gluten free shortbread:

    Happy baking!

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      thanks. im going to test the rice and almond ones out seperatly