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Nov 16, 2012 05:56 AM


Hi everyone, Happierbaker here again. I Just wanted to share with y'all an update on my croissants baking progress which I owe in many areas to Ralph! Also, I have also been experimenting with my butter dosage and finally perfected it to have the following result: Flaky, golden and crispy on the outside while tender, airy and moist on the inside. Hence, 125g of butter block to 250 AP flour. They even smell more delicious. I am now more confident during the whole process and know what to expect every time they come out of the oven. ( I still enjoy dissecting one each time though, just for the satisfying pleasure).

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  1. Very nice! How long did it take you to perfect your croissant? Do you have any tips?
    We have learned by trial and error... a combo of European cultured butter and King Arthur all purpose flour plus some time and patience, paid off. Also we use Ralph's suggestion of trimming the folded edges off every turn. I save the trimmings in the freezer and incorporate into the next baking. Check out my post!

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      Thanks Missy. To be honest, it took me about 5 months to get to this result. Yes, that long because I was experimenting with different kinds of flour, butter, milk or water or both, my oven temperatures....basically everything! Of course, I had life-saving and priceless tips from Ralph. Check out my post, I'm the last one on that page.

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        More pics of that same batch...

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            Thanks sandyic. Just bought myself a cute but professional convection oven with a custom-made closed stainless steel stand that I can use as a prover. I am so much in love with my new presents that I keep going into the kitchen just to look at them. Baked my first batch and OMG how much of a difference does a convection oven make on the volume and color of croissants. Will post some pics soon when I come back from my summer vacation :))

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          Here are more pics of that same batch...