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Nov 16, 2012 05:45 AM

Filipino in Metro Detroit

I might be the last to know this, but with New Lutong Pinoy now closed and Royal Kubo already gone, is there anywhere in Metro Detroit to find filipino cuisine? And does anyone know the story behind New Lutong Pinoy closing, and if they're relocating somewhere else?

FYI: A place called Satay House appears to be opening in its place, with a listed grand opening of November 19th. It'll supposedly feature (I believe) Thai, Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine, which would be a gain for Detroit, since I don't believe you can find Malay/Singaporean food anywhere else. Assuming the place is decent, of course.

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  1. Happy Wok in Ann Arbor has a small selection of Malay/Singaporean dishes, some better than others. When I can, I go to Rasa Ria in Kzoo for Malay, and they also have Indonesian food. I don't know of Filipino food anywhere in the state at this time.

    1. Red Ribbon at Ryan & 16Mile has a few hot entrees in buffet trays in back. Similarly, there is Taste of Manila near Dequindre &19Mile in Troy. But, after I tried Red Ribbon I lost my appetite for trying Taste of Manila. I guess I'm just not a Filipino food fan. Would love to visit the country, though.

      Little Tree on Main in Royal Oak serves several good Filipino dishes, but I sense that they are far from authentic.

      1. I'm confused -- since when is Royal Kubo closed? They moved locations, but I wasn't aware that they'd closed. I tried their food years ago and was sicker than a dog the next day, so it's not like I'm concerned either way. It was always a fun place for karaoke.

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          I was surprised, too. It's now (another) Dooley's Tavern. No big loss, but no gain, either.