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Nov 16, 2012 05:20 AM

How many for Thanksgiving?

When I was young Thanksgiving was usually 5 people, sometimes 7 depending on which grandparents showed up. Now its usually at my brother's house, depending on which in-laws show up it can be as small as 8 or as many as 25, but usually about 12-15 people. On years I can't get to the mainland I have a group of friends that I celebrate with, usually about 8 - 12 people.

Generally more people = more food, often a geometric increase - when you have 20 people cooking for 20 people....

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  1. We are 6 - five adults and one child. We celebrate with DH's family, and I kind of miss the huge celebrations with my family - but when most of my family passed on over the years, the rest decided not to travel back to the homestead for Thanksgiving. One reason I just can't get too excited for this holiday. (Not because I don't love DH's family, but we see them very regularly, so Thanksgiving is really no big deal.) I'd love to have the "problem" of cooking for 20 or 25!

    1. This year we will be twelve.

      1. On Thursday 5-6. On Saturday at my Grandmother's there will be almost 30 - I think. I lose count. :)

        1. 15 for dinner itself, another 5 or so who come for dessert

          1. This is an even year, that means all Bagelman kids, nieces, nephews, siblings and spouses and their kids/grandkids are expected for Thanksgiving lunch at 1PM, should be 35.

            Next year is an odd year and everyone os free to go to in-laws, so we will be 7, immediate family plus MIL, my mother and her aide.

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              Love the odd/even plan! Very creative and gets around that annual..."whose house do we go to?" or that obligation to cook for the whole herd every single year. Creative.

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                my mother worked out this deal (with BIL's mother) 42 years ago when first sibling got married. Since then every time a sibling, niece/nephew/grandchild got engaged it was agrred to by the incoming family member. Now 4 generations gather on even year holidays with no problems or feelings of guilt.