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Nov 16, 2012 05:12 AM

Bacon Fat fridg life and can I freeze some of the FAT ???

I've just begun saving bacon fat and storing it in the refrigerator.
I always used to throw it out but when I read it wasn't as bad as some ""phoney, healthy butters"
on the market, I now save it.

How long is the refrigerated fat good?

Since I don't make bacon that often, can I freeze bacon FAT so it won't go rancid in the refrigerator?

(((( As an aside, a tip I learned from Chowhound so I'm sure most of you already know this:
Baking it all at one time is very convenient when you want some for a recipe in the future.
It's also much, much easier and cleaner than cooking it fresh in a skillet on the stovetop
each time you want some.
Cut your bacon en masse in half and place the slices on foil-lined cookie cooking tray.
Set oven at 400 and set the timer at 17 minutes and then check frequentlly thereafter
til it's the doneness you want.
Freeze it. ))))

What is Bacon Fat fridg life and can I freeze some bacon FAT ???

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  1. If you have properly strained your bacon fat, you can store it near indefinitely in the freezer or refrigerator in an opaque, air-tight container.

    1. My granny didn't even refrigerate her's. She just had tin can sitting on the stove that she would pour it into. Not that I'm recommending doing that yourself!

      1. I have a jar that perpetually sits in my fridge and gets bacon fat added to it whenever I make bacon. God knows how old the oldest particles are. It has never gone rancid.

        1. I don't even strain mine. I use those 16 oz deli containers. When it gets pretty full, I start another one. When the second one is full, I usually get rid of the first container, which is usually down to about nothing. I'd bet that container lasts me 6 months or more, and I've never found it to go rancid.

          1. thanks everyone, sounds like I don't need to be concerned about freezing it

            the reason I asked was because I don't use the fat up that much and didn't want to throw it away


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            1. re: sylvan

              I resisted using bacon fat for years 'cause of perpetually dieting, trying to be healthier, etc. Gave up a few years ago (well, still watch the calories) and began using the bacon fat, judiciously. Never looked back! And I don't strain it either. If I seem to have too much, will dump the oldest batch and begin a new jarful.

              1. re: pine time

                thanks, pine time
                I started eating bacon on a regular basis at age 60...before that very occasionally.
                I've been indulging in the bacon and fat for over three years. When I get blood my regular blood work done and follow up with my doctor the results I ask him if there are any negative effects (so far) of eating bacon. He says there are no indications of anything unhealthy.
                I imagine the folks who keep the bacon fat at hand by the stove (I'm a neat freak and like my counters spartan) probably use it right away. Also, if granny did that it was either for that same reason or it wouldn't fit in the "ice box".