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Nov 16, 2012 04:42 AM

Holiday lunch for 12+ downtown west end

My company takes a special client company out for a Christmas lunch every year. The client's office is in Liberty Village and they are usually tight for time so we need to stick pretty close although we can drive them a short distance. It's a big group and numbers tend to flucuate right up to the last minute so it needs to be a large restaurant. In the past, we have gone to Mildred's Temple Kitchen, Bymark, Nota Bene and Luma all when they were new and notable. Any ideas for something new this year? We might fall back on Luma but I thought I'd open it up for other suggestions.

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  1. You could try Origin right in Liberty Village. I went there for a large group (14) birthday dinner in the summer and we were able to secure a large table. The reviews on this board are quite mixed and I personally prefer the food at the original (King East) location, but it's good overall, especially for sharing if people are into that kind of thing.

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      i on the other hand prefer the food at the liberty village location and think this is a great idea. others in the area...maybe caffino and the new place that took over from the liberty cafe-i think it is called 25 liberty now but i have only looked at the menu and haven't been in yet.