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Nov 16, 2012 04:36 AM

Area chefs whose food shows and tastes their passion

Would be nice if we have such a list of chefs/restaurants.

Last night at this week's Studio Kitchen dinner, a fellow diner mentioned Chef Andrew Deery and his Majolica in Phoenixville, saying Mr. Deery is another one who CARES about his food. I have never been and my curiosity is up. Majolica is now at the top of the list and is where I'd like to go next when I can peel myself away from thinking about and eating Shola's food.

Please, if you have a suggestion, let us hear it. Note that the emphasis is on the person who is behind the food. Thanks.

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  1. Two who should not be missed:
    Peter Woolsey at Bistrot la Minette (if you like Bibou, you'll like this one too)
    Al Paris at Heirloom.
    (Incidentally, Georges Perrier has decided to invade the kitchen at some point in time with Paris. Should be fun)

    1. Having been a follower since his Havertown days at Carmine's, I'll have to cast one for John Mims at Daddy Mims' in Phoenixville. On equal par, and going even farther back in my restaurant history, is Dan Funk and his latest reincarnation of the New Orleans Cafe. Both communicate with all senses exquisitely.

      1. This list would not be complete without a mention of Francis Trzeciak, chef/owner of the Birchrunville Store Cafe in Chester County.

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          How could I have missed Trzeciak? A benchmark if ever there was one.

        2. Shola, where you are , is in my mind the 'mind' of food in this city. Others cook well and are great hosts, but come on, the man's dedication is legendary.
          One l might put as caring about what goes on the plate at a high level is Josh Lawler at Farm and the Fisherman.