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Nov 16, 2012 01:42 AM

chi town pizza @ fort st mall

i thought there was a thread on this, but i couldn't find it.

found at the former club pauahi location is soho mixed media bar. there is a takeout window, or you can eat inside. they are open late.

whole pies are 19 bucks and include three toppings. they go really sort of skimpy on the toppings, so i order 3 of the same topping. call ahead cause a whole pizza will take 30-45 min. there are also ready slices for 4 bucks.

i have to say that i love nyc pizza, i enjoy the chains like papa johns, pizza hut, dominos, even sams club. but this is my first chicago style pizza, and i love it.

this is def a have to try, and for me a have to go back and buy.

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