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Nov 15, 2012 11:31 PM

Lunch in the 15th

My workplace has moved from La Défense to the 15th (metros Bir-Hakeim and Dupleix), and so I'm on the hunt for places for lunch. I checked the map on Paris by Mouth, but it didn't look particularly promising for that area. Was excited to try La Cantine du Troquet Dupleix, but it seems that's only open for dinner. Can anyone give me tips about the pickings in the area? Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Au Dernier Metro is on Bd. Grenelle just at Rue Lourmel. Not the best, but not a bad option, and inexpensive.

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      Agreed, nice Basque cooking; but La Cantine......... is indeed open for lunch and really fun too; Concert de la Cuisine, across from the Ministry of education bldg is run by a Japanese couple ex of the Nikko, but it's not Japanese chow; only problem is one of language but sign language works too. Casse Noix is pretty close too, no?
      I suppose Axuria, Antre Amis and L'Epicuriste (run by the old Epigramme bunch) are too far away but elsewhere you'll find my approving notations.
      Oh and Randyof/inParis lives nearby so he can chime in with a local's picks.

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        Thanks--very useful list. I shall indeed check "elsewhere" for your notes. From the outside, I never would have guessed that Au Dernier Metro is a pretty good place. I've got Casse Noix in my back pocket for "Christmas lunch", or last working lunch before the Christmas holidays.

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          "I shall indeed check "elsewhere" for your notes"
          I assume you realize I'm not encouraged to drive traffic to my blog. Quite rightly.

    2. Great suggestions so far. Although I love all the Cantines du Troquet for the nosh and fun factor, I think you'll have the best foodie experience at Le Concert de Cuisine on rue Nélaton... many people are averse to fusion but the Japanese-French alliance is such a welcome and numerous addition to the restaurant scene that I as a local now consider it as quintessentially parisien as some of the other more traditional clichés... and for solo dining, it has a lovely counter with a great view of all the kitchen action.

      A few patches of just-across-the-river Passy in the 16th can be good hunting grounds. For lunches with the media folks, Zebra Square just across from la Maison de la Radio is quite the hit... famous for its weekend brunch (which should be avoided because, frankly, it's horrible), the lunch is ok but you don't come here for the quality of the cuisine but rather for the people-watching and conspiratorial conversations (and, in the summer, the terrace). Just a few doors away on the rue Gros, Chaumette is a trad resto with mostly lyonnaise cooking... and not bad. The cool kids (and me) tend to like the winebar-ish l'Ogre at 1 avenue de Versailles in the same area (and getting there via the Pont Bir-Hakeim/ Allée des Cygnes/ Pont de Grenelle is half the fun).

      In the 15th/ quartiers Beaugrenelle and Dupleix, Au Goût Dujour on the rue Beaugrenelle can be inconsistent but the 18€ special for lunch is usually quite good. For just a quick bite, the Lebanese sandwiches from Feyrouz on the rue Lourmel are fab. I like le Casse-Noix a lot but it's so noisy and cramped that I doubt if it would be a good choice for a working lunch. Test it first to see if it might work.

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        I agree with most on the other side but I found L'Orge disasappointing and Zebra Square inconsistent (and yes I know there have been "supervising" chefs in and out its revolving door,) Chaumette is a surpringly nice place.

        1. re: John Talbott

          I've never had a bad experience in 5 or 6 visits to l'Ogre (admittedly most for dinner or after-work rendez-vous with friends) but I can quite see a possibly amateurish side coming out every so often. Zebra Square is indeed inconsistent by all accounts but I've always lucked out except for one disastrous brunch... and it is a great place for a business lunch as well as just absorbing the vibe of time and place.

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            We live in the neighborhood and there are lots of places that we like. It is a place where people live, eat, work and tends away from trendy and business-type spots. As usual JTs suggestions are great. I agree with Parnassien that Au Goût du Jour is inconsistent but we've had some nice meals there so probably worth trying. Le Volant is another good hearty Basque place close by. There are some good creperies including 142 Crêperie Contemporaine and La Blanche Hermine ( rue de Pondichéry ). Several good regular old cafes. My favorite is Au Moka where it can be hard to inch your way to the counter but it is always entertaining and the plat du jour is usually simple but tasty. Le Cristal de Sel and L'Alchimie aren't that far away and you can get nice meals at both.

        2. Very nice Thai place on Db. Grenelle. Called Thai Pacific. It is close to Dupleix. The tartare is excellent and the Thai dishes have never disappointed.

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            Thanks so much, everyone! I can now look forward to several weeks of restaurant testing :-) I assume that for most of these places reservations are advisable?

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              I always reserve even if it's at 11h00 the same day. Best table(s); know your name; courtesy to the house.

          2. Thought I'd report back since my husband and I have now tried many of the places you folks have recommended. So many excellent choices in the neighborhood!
            Au dernier métro: this has become rather our cantine because it's so close and relatively inexpensive: good lunch formule at 14 euros. They also have continuous service, which is nice if you have to work through the lunch hour. A few doors down, the same group runs Les Prolongations, also nice Basque food (although the gâteau basquaise they served me was kind of a downer) in a less crowded atmosphere.
            La Cantine du Troquet Dupleix: more expensive and upscale, but really delicious. One of the best fish dishes I've had in a while: sautéed cod with clams in a vinaigrette. Also a fab mille-feuille. I was concerned about the no reservations policy since I have a limited lunch hour, but the service was kind and efficient, and they made sure I could leave on time even though we had to wait for a table. Downside (at least for working people like us): they don't take tickets restaurants.
            Casse Noix: John T is absolutely right about this one. Decently priced formule and absolutely delicious food. We had a short-rib parmentier that was perfect for the chilly grey day and I had textbook profiteroles (husband had the bottomless riz au lait, also excellent but way too copious!) Like La Cantine, kind and efficient service and no tickets restos.
            Au Goût Dujour: Good lunch deal--I believe around 18 euros for plat/dessert--but the strangest service we've had in a long time. Twice the waitress came to ask for our order and then abruptly left to do something else (we were *not* hesitant in our orders). When my husband asked for more information about the "vin du mois", she said "It's posted on the wall, Monsieur," and stalked off. Needless to say, I don't remember much about the food.
            142 Crêperie Contemporaine: Packed but super efficient. Interesting fillings for the galettes, but the classics were good as well. Good "fast-food" choice. Reasonable prices and they take TR.
            L'Alchimie: Really nice meal. I had scallops with a hazelnut vinaigrette and pumpkin purée that I can still taste 3 months later. Clean flavors and nice presentation. No formule, but the prices are OK.
            Thai Pacific: As an American, I'm always a little disappointed when there's no pad thai on the menu. However, I understand that's my problem and not the restaurant's. Had a lovely lemongrass chicken dish. The service is a bit martial but very efficient, and prices are quite good.
            Let me stress how important reservations are at any of these places: they're packed at 1, when my lunch hour begins.

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              Thanks for the feedback.
              Two friends live nearby and I'll tip them to your findings.
              And I didn't know about Les Prolongations, have to try it.

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                Well my two friends who live not far away and I tried Prolongations today and I forget to read your post which said " A few doors down, the same group runs Les Prolongations, also nice Basque food (although the gâteau basquaise they served me was kind of a downer) in a less crowded atmosphere." Alas one of them tried it and it was dry, seeming old and the only real clunker on an otherwise nice meal where the highlights were chicken hearts, pigs'ears, tripes, axoa, the cheese platter and creme caramel. I do think Dernier Metro comes out ahead (5.8 versus 5.3) though.

              2. One of my favorite places for lunch in Paris is Le Belisaire.
                Not sure how far from Dupleix it is. It is around the corner from Le Cordon Bleu.