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Nov 15, 2012 10:44 PM

West LA Friday dinner--ten 3rd grade boys

Dinner will take place on Friday, December 14, around 5:30-6:00

Ten 3rd grade boys, almost all with two parents each going as well. So it would be great to seat around 30 at the same time. Someplace the grown ups can relax (with good (at least not bad) food and a drink or two) and the kids still have fun.

Totally open as to type of food, price sort of open too (but don't go too high)

Center on Webster middle school, near 405/10 intersection-so not a far drive on a Friday would be nice too..

I know I'm asking for a lot....any ideas??

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  1. See if you can reserve the patio at Plan Check.

    Pitfire Pizza on Westwood Blvd might work.

    1. You might be pushing the limits at Talpa or Don Antonio's on Pico, west of the 405. Another option might be Maria's, west of the 405. None of those would be what I consider great food, but 20+ people on short notice and a lot of kids is tough.

      The problem with a place like Plan Check is parking. It's just brutal with the number of cars you're probably talking about.

      Century City or Westwood are a little farther, but they have places that could fit groups your size. But I'm thinking of places like BJ's Brewery (in both locations) or CPK in Westwood.

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      1. re: Jwsel

        I see groups of pretty good size on the patio at Maria's Kitchen. What about Hokkaido Seafood at the Westside Pavilion? It's a buffet with something for everyone and the kids can get what they want when they want. And they have huge long tables.

        1. re: Servorg

          i used to be a supporter of hokkaido.
          sadly, it has gone downhill.

          it would definitely fit the bill logistically, but the food now has declined to the level of pf chang's, california pizza kitchen, et. al.-- not inedible, but not good either.

        2. re: Jwsel

          <The problem with a place like Plan Check is parking.>

          Last Friday at 6:30pm two of our cars were turned away from Valet...couldn't accommodate us. While the food is excellent, finding a place to park on Sawtelle is murder.

        3. Westside Tavern - Ask if their private room is open, unless you're looking to dine in the main dining area...

          1. Some great ideas!

            I have ate at Maria's Kitchen and thought it was OK-I would have forgot about it.

            I haven't ate at Plan Check, but agree parking would be hard.

            Pitfire Pizza may define the place nobody goes to anymore because it is too busy all of the time, right?

            Westside Tavern may be just a little too $$.

            Yelp really tears into Hokkaido Seafood and sort of scares me.

            Talpa or Don Antonio's?? Maybe these and Maria's Kitchen, BJ's Brewery or CPK can work too.

            Thanks so much for the help!

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            1. re: Scotty

              If you're considering CPK (the food is so mediocre since they sold that I wouldn't waste my money) then I'd say go to the Santa Monica Pier and eat at Mariasol at the end of the pier.
              I was asked to attend a party with about 50 people/children. They reserved the large room in back, the service was great and the food was just fine and what I liked about it was that it was away from the rest of the restaurant so the noise level wasn't a problem.

            2. it is with hesitation that i make this recommendation because i've never been there on a friday at 6:30 so i'm not confident about how crowded the place will be, but my recommendation for the FOOD would be TLT on westwood blvd.
              i generally go there about 1pm on weekdays for lunch, and, at that time, there is lots of space available.
              parking for all would be available in the public parking structure on broxton.
              i can't remember if they have a full bar, but they definitely have a decent selection of wine both by the glass and by the bottle (they probably serve beer too, but didn't look at that)

              the prices are low.
              they have several communal tables and a counter with bar stools.(imho, the seating at the communal tables is very comfortable,but the bar stools not so much)

              it's a self-serve place with very solid food offerings.
              you place your order, and they give you a device that lets you know when the food is ready to be picked up. that way you can sit and drink until your order is ready.

              here is a link to their menu:

              here is a chowhound thread about it:

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              1. re: westsidegal

                Thanks westsidegal

                I feel a little dumb that I never heard of TLT despite living within walking distance.

                1. re: Scotty

                  Don't feel bad they've only been open a few weeks. Here's LA Weekly's review:

                  1. re: Scotty

                    i'm honored to further the purpose of the board.
                    nobody should be "left out" when any good restaurants emerge.

                    tlt's menu is short, but the food quality is good.
                    also, i now know that they do, indeed, sell beer as well as wine.