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Nov 15, 2012 09:46 PM

An Sibin Pub - where The Real Jerk used to be - Anyone been?

Just wondering if anyone has been here and, if so, what the atmosphere and food are like. Thanks!

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  1. I went briefly a few weeks ago as part of a free culinary "riverside walk" and we gt to sample some beer and little lamb pies, they have a pretty good selection of beer and the lamb pies were very good. The owners used to work as managers with the O'brians chain of spots and decided to open up their wn spot. The chef used to run/own Grindhouse Burger on King street. Seems to me that the food is better that typical irish pub food but I personally haven't had anything else to eat there. We were sitting in a 2nd floor space which was nicely finished. They have live music various nights of the week. Definitely on my list to go back again.

    1. Went there on a Saturday night, late.

      Didn't care for the place. Feels more like a campus bar mixed in with a rural roadhouse. Quite the assemblage of people there. My impression, much like the RPH, is that it's a huge space that doesn't quite know what it wants to be- stuck between gastro-pub ambitions mixed with the need to pull in a big drinking crowd on the weekends to pay the rent.

      I guess I'd go back for a meal. At nighttime, I'd rather go somewhere more chill and intimate, like the Avro and avoid the drunken crowds.

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        I appreciate B.G.M'.s desire for seclusion. I like the Avro, too, but I wouldn't want to go to an Irish pub late in the night that didn't have a drunken, boisterous crowd. Been there several times -- drinking, not eating although friends who are so inclined say they like the food -- and it is a fun spot and sorely needed in the neighbourhood. Don't go there expecting any line dancing. Not that kind of rural roadhouse.

      2. Thanks for your replies so far!

        So, do you think it would be appropriate for a celebratory lunch for a group of family members that include a couple of seniors? I only ask because it was proposed as a possibility, and I am trying to figure this out. The 70+-year-old gentleman who is celebrating his birthday likes a reasonably quiet, comfortable place with decent food (meat and potatoes style). Our group will also include a toddler and a baby. I have no idea if the three television screens are intrusive, or if they're on all day, if the crowd is as lively midday as it is at night... Oh, and nobody in this group is going to be interested in the alcohol on offer, so that's not a plus for us. Thoughts?

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        1. re: Full tummy

          How many people are in your group? If you want on the quieter side I would suggest the 2nd floor area. I don't know if it is normally open for lunch time but worthwhile asking the staff if they can accommodate you.

          If there is no particular game/event on it shouldn't be too loud I would imagine. I was there around 1:30pm on a Saturday...

          1. re: ylsf

            A group of 6 adults plus the toddler and the baby, so 8 in total. Stairs are tricky because of the older members of the group.

            Thanks for any feedback!

        2. The original comment has been removed