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Nov 15, 2012 06:13 PM

reindeer tenderloin- ghetto sous-vide and sear, or tie, sear, and bake?

I have dinner guests I need to impress tomorrow, and I'm cooking a reindeer tenderloin for the first time, I've cooked lesser reindeer cuts plenty of times before. The tenderloins are quite small and tapered, I've figured 3 will be plenty for us 4. Because of their shape I decided 2 will need to be laid opposing each other with the third split in half, with the halves laying opposite, in order to get a uniform nice crust and medium rare. I have plenty of experience tying loins (pork) up, and I usually do a really nice job but these tenderloins came out so nasty after both of two tries (frayed and very uneven both times), that I just wrapped them in saran wrap, which looks great and even. So, should I...

a) ghetto sous-vide (I have lots of experience and success doing this with salmon) the saran-wrapped package to medium rare and then sear them. I would choose this option without reservation if I wasn't afraid of the meat falling apart when I seared it.

b) try to tie it back together again, hoping it will work out better the third time, sear and finish in the oven until medium rare.

Please no meat safety replies, I understand the risks, and doubt that the reindeer these fillets came from pose a salmonella or any other food poisoning risk.

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  1. Ghetto SV. Less screw-up-ible.

    You could torch the tenderloins to sear them.

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      The ghetto SV was already my first choice, unfortunately I don't have a torch, do you have any experience as to how likely the meat is to fall apart from itself when cooked to medium rare?.. In my experience reindeer is the same as venison, and more generally, behaves similar to beef. I was on the fence about trying the meat glue on my last modernistpantry order, and I'm regretting it now!