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Nov 15, 2012 06:07 PM

Lunch in DC the Friday after Thanksgiving

I will be in Washington DC, staying near the White House, etc. I have only one unscheduled meal and that is lunch the Friday after Thanksgiving. So here's what I'm looking for, something historic. I don't mean that Lincoln had to eat there, but something that is part of the cultural history of DC. The food should be solid but doesn't have to wow. I would prefer a good hole-in-the-wall to something high end. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  1. Historic hole in the wall would be Ben's Chili Bowl or maybe CF Folks. The food at CF Folks is much better, but also not something that you can't realllly get elsewhere.

    I would argue that much of DC's food cultural history stems from our culinary hero Jose Andres. He helped to inspire the tremendous revitalization of the Chinatown/Penn Quarter neighborhood, and has helped to DC become more of a food city. His first restaurant was Jaleo, which is tapas, but I prefer the middle eastern Zaytinya nearby.

    1. I think Market Lunch at Eastern Market might be just what you're looking for,

      Also maybe Florida Ave Grill,

      1. I knew of Ben's but everything else suggested is new to me so many thanks!

        1. cf folks is a DC institution, but I'd check to see if it's open. By far the best food of all the likely candidates, and very peculiar to DC. Sitting at the counter is a must.

          1. The Tune Inn on Capitol Hill.

            Greasey burgers - cold beer - Partsy Cline on the jukebox.

            Neighbor haunt frequented by hill staffers and members of Congress for three generations.