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Prime grade Prime Rib at Costco?

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Has anyone seen prime grade prime rib (preferably bone-in) at Costco recently? I checked N. San Jose and Mountain View, but didn't see any. Thanks.

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  1. I didn't see it at the Hayward Costco when I went a couple of days ago. Don't they usually have it after Thanksgiving and before Christmas?

    1. On east coast only whole rib eye, thus no bones. l would buy bone-in in a heartbeat as well.

      1. I called Costco in San Francisco on November 3 - they had a boneless prime rib roast - prime grade. I wanted bone-in.

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          The SF Costco must have sold out because I just called and they don't have any prime grade (not even the boneless roast).

        2. I would call and ask (1) if/when they're going to be stocking them this year, and (2) if you can order one.

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          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            I tried doing that at several different Costco locations, but the responses have been that they don't know when it's coming in and you can't order it (because they don't know if/when they will get it). If you have information to the contrary regarding ordering it, please share!

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              LOL. Oh well, worth a try. I've usually found that if you ask, they'll look in their computer and see if other stores have something that particular store doesn't have in stock, which saves a lot of driving/calling around. I don't know if that works for meat and produce, though.

          2. In case anyone is looking, the Redwood City Costco currently has prime grade prime rib roast, both boneless and bone-in.

            1. The SF costco had it on monday 12/10. $15/pound. The choice grade was about half the price. Is the prime grade worth twice the price?

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              1. re: elise h

                IMVHO, absolutely. Difference of night and day.

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                  Always check the fat marbling... 'Cause sometimes it is not!

                  1. re: slew

                    I agree. I see prime that looks like choice and choice that looks like prime. You know which one I pick up.

                  2. re: elise h

                    I wouldn't say it's twice as good, if that helps.

                    I agree with elise, in that you can sometimes find near prime quality Choice graded roasts at Costco. The last one I picked over the Thanksgiving weekend showed nice marbling at the ends and turned out as good as any prime grade rib roast I have ever had,

                    1. re: Civil Bear

                      Costco's "Prime" meats are all (super) fatty and no flavor, IMHO.

                      And I buy Costco meat quite often.

                      Been there and done that!

                      I like love marbled fat in my beef and love ribeye steaks because they are fatty.

                      But spitting out mouthfuls of globule fat on every bite is not opinion of good eats.

                      Even if you render the meat in various cooking methods, its still too fatty for my tastes.

                    2. re: elise h

                      My brother sorted through a pile of prime bone-in roasts at the Redwood City Costco to pick out a nicely marbled one. He bought it a week before Christmas and aged it in the coldest part of the fridge. I'd say that this particular one was well worth the extra price, but some may not be.

                    3. Had the boneless one for Christmas dinner, made Alton Brown style. Certainly worth the money for me, it was perfect and as good as meat gets.