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Nov 15, 2012 05:45 PM

Laker Mania At One on One in San Gabriel

So as I kept driving by One on One on Valley Bl. waiting for them to really open, it didn't occur to me that the name was intentionally chosen for its basketball meaning. Well, it's opened for real, and this restaurant is an ode to Kobe Bryant, the Lakers, and NBA basketball in general. Besides the Kobe photos and jersey, there are also jerseys of Jeremy Lin, Yao Ming and Michael Jordan. One of the waitresses is dressed in a Derek Fisher jersey (?), another waiter is sporting Derrick Rose. All of the lights above the tables are white Spaulding basketball like globes, and there are another dozen basketballs hanging over the cashier's booth. Oh, and the food? A very limited menu of "hot soup and stone bowl rice". Soup is served in a stone bowl with its own heater, like a tiny hot pot, and there are about a dozen varieties, plus three types of stone bowl rice dishes. I had the veggie with glass noodle tomato hot soup, which strangely was generously garnished with thin slices of chicken, as well as part of a corn cob. It was actually pretty good. One on One is at 400 E. Valley Bl. in San Gabriel, and is the fifth occupant there in the past three years.

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  1. Ate there the other day, thought the decor was a bit campy/cheesy but whatever. Food wasn't bad but one of the servers seemed to speak no english at all which made things awkward.

    The hot pot dishes all cost $10 and come with a decent portion compared to Boiling Point. The stone pot rice dishes look like an exact rip off of Younique Cafe, the pictures are the same too (I'm quite sure of), so maybe a former staff of the latter restaurant? Either way prices are pretty reasonable compared to both of the other establishments I mentioned and food wasn't bad.

    1. Are there TVs to watch actual games? Or does the Laker fandom stop at decor.

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        There is one big screen TV there. And it would be interesting to see if they have games on at night.