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Birthday freebies in L.A county?

Looking for your suggestions for free items on offer in restaurants, bars, coffeehouses, ice cream shoppes, etc. for patrons celebrating their birthdays

All genres and locations welcome.

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  1. Free meal at Mama D's in Manhattan Beach on your birthday.

    Birthday Treat: Free dinner (valued at $30 or less) if you join their club.

    Veggie Grill Join their club and once you are registered you will get a FREE entree for your birthday.

    Fogo de Chao Complimentary dessert for the guest of honor.

    Catalina Kitchen at Terranea Resort
    < Just show up with your ID for a complimentary Surf & Turf dinner (a $48 value)on your birthday.

    Free dinner at Medieval Times in Buena Park.

    Chart House $25 FREE Birthday Food when you join the Landry’s Select Club.

    Sprinkles Join the Sprinkles Birthday Club and get a free cupcake on your birthday every year.

    Melting Pot Free chocolate fondue for two when you purchase dinner

    and best of all 10 free chicken wings at Hooters.

    1. Sugarfish.

      followed by chicken wings at Hooters.

      1. Denny's: free Grand Slam entree on your birthday.

        Bon appetit. :-o

          1. i'm signed up for jersey mike's b-day club. del taco's is passable. i think they give a free shake and that's disgusting sugar syrup in a cup. corner bakery is pretty generous, not just on b-day's. but that's if you like their sweets. i think panera does something but i don't really remember and their member's card hasn't really been that worth it for me. shame cause i do like panera.

            as for discounts, el torito sends out a coupon via email. benihana wasn't free for me last year, but it was a substantial discount. marie calendar's gives a discount. fuddrucker's is a free burger with purchase. if you're a kid, cpk has a b-day program.

            is kingswood teppan restaurant still open in sg? i know they used to give a free lunch on your b-day but you had to have id and bring someone/people with you. not exactly sure it's worth mentioning cause that place doesn't get a lot of business and getting service from them is like bothering people mindset.

            i can't remember if auntie em's pretzel was free or discount

            sorry i can't be specific on the discounts. it's been a while since my b-day.

            1. Not as good as Denny's but the Montage in LaGuna has picked up bday drinks a few times.

              1. Thank you for all the suggestions so far. Man, I am going to be STUFFED (for free) by the end of this birthday.

                Hey, wanted to let everyone know of another freebie: the Patina group gives you either $30 or $50 (depending on which of their restaurants you choose), and it's good for up to 60 days beyond your birthday.

                I'm leaning toward the $30 coupon for Ray's and Stark at LACMA, vs. the $50 for Patina at Disney Concert Hall.

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                  Spoonlicker - thank you! I keep looking at Ray's and Stark at LACMA, wanting to try it - now I can!

                2. If you are a member of the Palm's 837 Club, and have dined there once in the six months prior to your birthday, you get a free Birthday lobster (3 lbs). It is one of my favorite birthday gifts.

                  1. Another is which wich. You get a free regular sized sandwich coupon.

                    1. Join Baskin Robbins birthday club and receive a free ice cream cone on your birthday.

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