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Nov 15, 2012 03:44 PM

Maldon salt vs. fleur de sel

I just returned from France. One of the restaurants we dined at had a small container with a hinged-lid and a small wooden spoon on the side. I think "fleur de sel" was painted on the container. I used the salt on my dish and liked it.

The next day I saw a similar container for sale at the market. I thought it would make a nice inexpensive souvenir and bought one. I also figured it would be a convenient way to use the Maldon salt I bought months ago and never seem to get around to using. But now I realize that Maldon isn't the same as fleur de sel.

What do you think? Can I use the Maldon in the container I bought? Or should I go out and buy fleur de sel to put in it?

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    1. Its fine,I would do it.I first starting buying fleur de sel 8 yrs ago buying online.Fabulous taste for my immature(for salt) palate.Pontiac excitement.I started buying Maldon 3 yrs ago and enjoy the taste,price,and its readily available.Fleur has a brighter flavor,but Maldon isnt some crummy tasting mass market sea salt that some corporation is dumping on us.Buy some fleur,fill your french jar and tell your dining guests all you know about it.They wont have a clue what you're talking about.Refill it with your Maldon,and go back and forth between the 2.Now you're very French and very British

      1. Why would you not put Maldon in it? It's just a container, after all.

        And you'll be putting Britain's second best salt in it (IMO, of course) - so that can't be bad. You might want to look out for Halen Mon salt

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          Like Harters I say use your French container for any salt you like.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. You should go out and buy some nice fleur de sel to refill your original container, and then go out and get a nice container for your Maldon! They're very different, so why not have your cake and eat it too! Use the Maldon for your fresh veg like salads, or wherever you want a bright, explosive pop of salt that vanishes like a spark. Use your fleur for toast and butter, fish, pork, apples and watermelon, or whereever you want a delicately persistent mineral glitter of salt.