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Nov 15, 2012 03:16 PM

Thanksgiving near Mt. Vernon

We are looking for a restaurant where we can take my elderly (90's) parents for Thanksgiving dinner, within a reasonable (?) distance of where their assisted living residence is- N. Columbus Ave in Mt. Vernon. Their normal residence is in south Brooklyn, but they were flooded out by Sandy and evacuated to the Mt. Vernon location. We would like to spend the holiday with them, but it is too far to drive them to where we live, so we would like to find a nice restaurant where we can all have a traditional turkey dinner. Doesn't need to be fancy or elaborate, just looking for something "nice": clean, attractive, with good food and service. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated- my dad was evacuated on his 93rd birthday. Yonkers, Scarsdale, Bronx, etc. are all possible; anything within 15 to 20 minutes driving. Less is better.
Thanks, again-

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  1. My sister had Thanksgiving dinner at Tombolino in Yonkers with her family albeit it several years ago. Everyone enjoyed the experience and the food. It is a short and easy ride from Mt Vernon.

    Glad your folks are okay and I hope they are back home soon!

    1. Not sure if they still do it, but Buona Sera in the Fleetwood section of Mt. Vernon used to do Thanksgiving. You can ask on their Facebook page or just call them.

      1. I looked on Open Table and Tombolino's is serving Thanksgiving Dinner. So is Dolphin Restaurant, also in Yonkers. Both, I think, are really nice and the latter is on the Yonker's waterfront, so it's pretty. I'm sorry your parents are going through so much! I hope they have a wonderful holiday.

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          Thanks to all for suggestions, they all sound good. Buona Sera's is very close and eating on the water (Dolphin's) sounds lovely. Unless there are any other suggestions, will probably opt for one of those. Any comments on Buona Sera?

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            You can't go wrong with Buona Sera.

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              We just checked and Buona Sera is definitely open for Thanksgiving.

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                If you are willing to travel to the Yonkers waterfront and are looking for waterfront dining then I would suggest X2o. It is a nice place and extremely popular on this board.

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                  Buona Sera now offers a free limo ride for parties of 6 or more if that helps. The garage around the corner is also free on holidays. (I'm not associated with the restaurant, its just where I'd go if I wasn't cooking the turkey).

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                    Thanks, all. Made reservations at Buona Sera; seems like the easiest and best bet. I'll let you know how it works out.

              2. This is not the one you mean, but they do a really nice job at GW's old place in Virginia. :)