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Nov 15, 2012 02:51 PM

Advice on dining in hawaii!

I have a really good friend spending his honey moon at Marriott ko olina.. And i want to get him a gift card to a nice unique restaurant. Something with a fun unique ambiance and great food! Any suggestions would be great!

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  1. Your choices are really limited in Ko'Olina. I'd either get him a gift card Visa or MC and reservation in Honolulu at La Mer, Orchids or Alan Wong's.

    The only place in Ko'Olina I'd consider is Roy's.

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      I would include a limousine ride as well! Who wants to drink and dine then drive that distance?

      1. re: UES Mayor

        I agree. And, all of the places listed have their own gift cards as well. Ko Olina is far when you've had a great night all the way in town.

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          Great point, and one, to which I ascribe, as well. Out Ko'Olina way, we have ONLY done lunch, as we are most often staying in Waikiki, so having a glass, or two, of wine, then driving, is not what we look forward to.

          Were we staying "on property," then things would be different.

          We have ONLY done lunch at Roy's, out that way, and it was very good.

          For dinner, we would probably ONLY dine out there, were we staying "out there."

          Same goes for ALL Islands. We did lunch on Maui at Mama's Fish House, several times, but ONLY lunch, until we actually stayed on property. Then, we dug deeply into their wine cellar, and it was worth the effort.



      2. That's where me and my wife are staying for the first week of our honeymoon trip (then Maui). I haven't been but have been doing a lot of research. It looks like Monkeypod Kitchen is opening on that side of the island and I know the original is often recommended on the boards here at CH. Look for their page on Facebook - as opening seems to be planned for late this month (November).

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          It was supposed to opening last summer, but it has been long delayed. Should be open "soon", they are still hiring to staff Kapolei.

        2. my suggestion is to go low-key and get them gift cards at liliha bakery in town, with instructions to have the chantilly cake and cocopuffs. remind them not to eat any other baked goods, as they aren't very good.

          maybe you could throw in another gift card to leonard's malasadas near waikiki. the regular sugar malasadas are famous and worth it.

          as you might be able to tell, i am on a diet.

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            they should have the Liliha pancakes for breakfast!

            Alan Wong's is definitely worth the drive.

          2. Gift cards for Leonard's, Roy's Waikiki, Alan Wongs, House without a Key, Royal. Hawaiian Mai Tai bar..

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            1. re: Beach Chick

              Why not Ama-Ama Resto. at Aulani next door? It's fun and unique ambience and decor.