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Nov 15, 2012 01:53 PM

Lunch at Bristol?

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone had lunch there recently? I know the burger seems to get some love on here is there anything else that must be had (aside from that monster chocolate cake creation)?


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  1. Sorry to report that our last lunch there was pretty blah. The vaunted burger was overcooked and under seasoned. For the price, it really needs to be spot on every time. The fries were hot, crispy and awesome though. The lobster salad had a relatively small portion of lobster that was tough from overcooking.

    An off day for sure and not reflective of many other experiences there, but it was our most recent. We will be back based on the track record and because we love the atmosphere. I'm glad to play the prices if the food is up to par, but next time needs to be better.

    1. By day, it's quiet, the service is impeccable, the Wi-Fi is free to paying customers, and the menu is pretty dull, carrying a big fancy-hotel premium. The vaunted burger is still respectable, but has been dramatically leapfrogged by a dozen newer, more serious and inventive high-end burgers around town.

      It is, as they say, what it is: convenient, classy, and useful for many situations -- it was my company's de facto meeting room before we got big enough for our own office -- but it should not be mistaken for destination dining. Mrs. MC and I stopped by for a Manhattan and a Last Word a few weeks ago -- the room has romantic significance for us -- and the drinks were nicely executed, but the tab was shocking, close to $20 a throw with tax.

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        with the closing of aujourd 'hui their food focus is on banquets and it's no longer really a fine dining kitchen. that being said, i'd have a drink with the lovely warm nuts and have lunch someplace else.

        1. re: hotoynoodle

          There's a lot to be said for lovely warm nuts. Indeed.

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            the taj has a nice little assort of snacks at the bar too. i long ago stopped ordering food at either place. much better options all over that hood. only big hotel bar in which i still eat is at the boston harbor.

            however, i truly enjoy having drinks in rooms like those -- the ambiance, the service, the accoutrements are all so very lovely.

      2. I love lunch at the Bristol, not because the food is spectacular -- although it's certainly good -- but because the setting is so beautiful and relaxing and the service so good. I don't mind paying the Four Seasons premium for good (if not great) food in order to be able to sit for a relaxing and leisurely lunch with good friends.

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        1. re: Blumie

          Totally agree with this thinking.

          1. re: CocoDan

            i prefer having tea (or coffee) at such places; i like tea in the nicest hotels in any city where i find myself.