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Nov 15, 2012 12:56 PM

New Le Creuset, out of the box with pinholes??

Upon opening the box, (that was a pain) I can see a pinhole down to bare black metal (large enough to insert the tip of my beeding needle into) in the pot itself.

The lid underside, where the letters are raised, has about 8 small "holes" or non-glazed spots around the raised parts of the letters.

Wow--that's a thin glaze. Have never had LC before but my old Copco has a much thicker glaze. Sur La Table had the 3.5 on sale for $150 so I succombed.

Should I question this/return it (not easy--store is 3 hours a away), or go ahead and use it to see if it cracks/chips?

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  1. It doubt it will crack or chip. I have seen these. The holes are very smooth around the edge, right? That being said, I personally would have returned it.

    1. I'd return it. Can you mail it back to them?

      1. Just spoke with the LC US customer service, their policy is they will not guarantee a refund/exchange until they inspect it. They will not cover any shipping or shipping insurance. They also will not guarantee that they will not charge me for "normal wear and tear" even though I explained I just bought it yesterday and have not used it yet. They want me to return it to the SLT store even though I explained it's 3 hours away. They could not explain how it got through QC. I have done ceramics glazing (spray booth) and this hole would be considered a glaze flaw in my experience.

        Some customer service. Not likely to buy LC again.

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          I would contact SLT and tell them what you found. Firmly request that they send a UPS Return label to you for free shipping pickup. After they inspect it, SLT can send you a replacement (again, no shipping charge) and deal with LC themselves.

          Pinholes equal "second quality" and you did not contract to buy a "second" at SLT. There should be no question about this exchange from what you describe. Be quite specific about SLT inspecting the return item before sending it to you so you won't have to deal with this a second time.

          1. re: toodie jane

            LC is just using the standard reply. Everyone get that reply. It will have to refund/exchange for you. This is a very clear cut case, not one of those "Maybe the person drop the pot" However,SLT may be a good alternative. I don't know.

            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              The 1st response is usually that boiler-plate the squeaky wheel and I'd agree with Sherri's approach--require them to pony up the postage and that you wanted an inspected replacement piece. Not a penny out of your pocket.

              1. re: pine time

                <Not a penny out of your pocket.>

                I agree -- in theory. Afterall, it wasn't the customer's fault. We are not talking about a customer changing his/her mind because he/she decided to get a Staub instead. Here, it is a clear case of a defected product. On the other hand, I find retailers (in the case SLT) are the ones who are willing to deal with customers. Le Cresuet has a tendency to dig in its heel. So my guess is that LC will likely repeat its "Ship the product, and then I will make the decision"

            2. re: toodie jane

              As Chemicalkinetics says, this is the standard LC response. I had a 9 qt French oven that, after 10+ years of use developed some damage to the bottom after I accidentally burned a dish. I wasn't sure if I'd caused the problem or not when I tried to clean it - but emailed anyway to see what they had to say, which, was the same reply you got. I got the required RA number and returned it for their inspection. With no questions asked they returned a brand new one in my choice of color (which they ask you to provide your choice of color when you send your existing one in for evaluation. If they can accommodate, they will) They even included the metal oven proof knob for the lid - which I didn't have before.. So I must defend their customer service. It was one of the better customer service experiences I've had of late. There aren't many things I can think of that you can return after 10+ years of use for a brand new product.

            3. Demand that the retailer pay for the freight to return and exchange the item. Let *them* worry about LC, who cares not. If you're the least bit sadistic, sue them both in small claims court under you locality's "longarm" statute, and see how long it takes to make it right...

              1. First, as this was a new purchase from a retailer, I'd leave LC out of it. Deal with SLT, and if the store won't take care of the issue with no additional hassle to you, work your way up the managerial ladder until you find someone who will. Assuming that SLT does not want to ship it back and ship you another, another option (and probably what I would do in this case) is to use it. Set the box and receipt aside, and use it with abandon. Then, the next time you happen to be passing back past that SLT that is three hours away, take it along and exchange it. It doesn't matter if it takes three years--that's why they have their guarantee. This provides the additional benefit of giving you the time to decide if you really want an LC oven. Think of it as an extended test drive! But just to cover yourself, I'd be upfront with the store manager that if they won't ship it for you, you intend to use it until you are back in their area. There shouldn't be a need for a special trip.

                Second, if you are the type of person who is picky about these sorts of things, always, always, inspect thoroughly whatever you are buying before leaving the store (and try to avoid buying online). When I bought my Staub oval cocotte, I had to make three trips back to the WS store to exchange because of imperfections in each of the first several pots I got. I had to utilize several stores and waste a couple of days' time, but I got a perfect one. I also had a heck of a time returning two newly manufactured copper pans because of issues, and I lost a hefty 'restocking fee' because of a wobbly saute pan that the distributor refused to recognize as faulty.

                Finally, try not to let little things bother you, if you can. Lately, I've been buying a few vintage pots and pans, and it has helped me to realize that an imperfect pan can still function flawlessly, but I understand how it nags at you to spend money on something that's not quite as it should be.

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                1. re: jljohn

                  reason I called LC is that is what SLT told me to do.

                  1. re: toodie jane

                    So everyone tell you to call someone else, right? Here is the situation. You can always return your cookware to SLT in person (I know it sucks because of your 3.5 hour drive). When SLT asks for your reason for return, you can say it is due to cookware defect. Now, SLT may prefer you to contact LC for this, and I understand SLT's reason because it is a cookware defect which ultimately is LC's problem. Nevertheless, SLT has to accept your return if you insist. SLT has to even accept perfect good cookware return -- let's alone a defected one.