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Nov 15, 2012 12:40 PM

Sato II, Fusion Taste, and Fusion House

These Stoneham, Arlington, and Methuen, respectively, restaurants are apparently under the same ownership. I was at Sato II yesterday to use a coupon and noticed all three names on the chopstick wrapper. I am pointing this out just so folks can use their experiences at one of them in deciding whether or not to try another. Not that the quality of the food is guaranteed identical, but as a guideline.

I enjoyed the sushi but it's only my 5th or 6th time eating it so my opinion counts for nothing. Because I read on Yelp that they make their own crab rangoon, I tried it and will say that it was the best rendition of that app that I have had. Generously-filled, in very thin and very crisply-fried wrappers.

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  1. hi grey,we explored sato II when they started but then the sushi chef that the restnt was created for (all this from the owner) went back home and the sushi went south. we don't go any more And thk you for the related-places info. Sushi Island, best sushi around imo, is only 8 minutes from satoII .

    fyi, the Mandarin in Reading has EXCELLENT crab rangoon, always on their often excellent lunchtime buffet. bizous to the greyguysgirls(ggg.)

    1. Greygarious, I agree with you on SATO 2, we really enjoy the sushi there, they have excellent specialty rolls at very reasonable prices. We only go out there when we have a discount from or a groupon type site since it's a bit of a drive for us. Also love the crab rangoon there, but there are plenty of places that make a good crab rangoon...We tried fusion taste in Arlington when it first opened and really thought they had poor quality fish. Maybe they have improved since but the first visit left a bad taste in our mouths and we haven't tried it again. Too many good sushi places in the area to risk wasting money.